Thursday, 13 March 2014

Cheltenham Festival 2014 - Day 3

With a second correct prediction and another horse which placed, CowCow's aviators stayed firmly on yesterday, as he basked in his own awesomeness.

PKL Group | CowCow Day 3

Today, our emboldened bovine has confidently picked out another set of predicted winners for you, launching himself enthusiastically at the mystic spinner. If you're just joining us on the blog today, you can read an explanation of CowCow's predicting method in Tuesday's blog post here.

Will CowCow's aviators of victory be required again today? Here are his top picks:

CowCow's Cheltenham Festival Predictions - 13th March 2014

Race 1 (1:30pm) - Captain Ocana
Race 2 (2:05pm) - Fingal Bay
Race 3 (2:40pm) - Hunt Ball
Race 4 (3:20pm) - Big Buck's
Race 5 (4:00pm) - Colour Squadron
Race 6 (4:40pm) - Spring Heeled

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