Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Construction Site Catering Services from PKL Group

PKL supply a wide range of Portable Kitchens and ancillary units for hire, suitable for providing catering facilities for construction sites.

We have a range of temporary kitchens of different sizes, which can be specified depending on the number of workers you are catering for. We have developed a range of proven packages, based on our most popular combinations of portable units, which provide a range of different kitchen facilities and dining space.

In addition, we have a portfolio of over 8,000 items of catering equipment, meaning that whatever the menu requirements for your construction site, we can supply the apparatus to suit.

Contact us through our hire hot line on 0845 840 42 42 or visit our website, to find out how PKL can help with your construction catering requirements.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

PKL has the Complete Package

The ‘Complete Package’ from PKL enables a venue to instantly increase their events capabilities by offering the facilities to increase bookings and food service capacity. Initially available in three standard options, the smallest package offers facilities for up to100 guests and ranges to our largest option, which caters for 300 or more. If needed, these packages can be fully bespoke to fit the exact requirements of your venue.

The Complete Package is supplied on a hire basis and allows venue owners to increase their function space for generating additional revenue with no capital expenditure.

With the Complete Package we can provide your venue with a comprehensive facility including catering equipment, preparation, production and storage space, dish washing facilities and a Marquee complete with seating, tabling, heating, lighting and a dance floor area.

The complete package can increase your venues potential to host a wide range of events including:

· Weddings - Capability for concurrent Bookings
· Seminars & Conferences - Flexibility to encompass additional
· Christmas Parties - Increased Seasonal Capacity
· Corporate Events - Create additional Facilities
· Sporting Events - Create multi-point Facilities
· Music Events - Create late trading Facility
· Film Shoots & One-off events - Create Stand Alone Facilities
· Garden & Country Fairs - Create Facility away from Main Building#

The PKL Complete Package provides a proven, common sense solution allowing Venues to avoid capital expenditure on permanent infrastructure whilst enabling them not only to maximise their income revenues from current events; but creating an instant capability to attract and encompass additional events.

Friday, 25 April 2008

Rapid Reponse Systems

PKL can provide relocatable kitchens and support facilities for remote international sites. Our range of options includes containerised units, tented solutions, and modular System Kitchens as well as facilities composed from ex-rental portable kitchens.

Containerised Systems can have a design life of up to 25 years and consist of highly robust ISO rated units that can be used in isolation or in unison to construct a larger facility. The units are designed specifically for rapid deployment and provide a safe, robust and efficient environment, self powered if necessary, with onboard generators, water and waste tanks.

System Kitchens are modular buildings designed and built using the latest in off site construction techniques. A System Kitchen is fully relocatable and conforms to full construction standards and is ideally suited for longer-term solutions.

Tented solutions offer great value for money and are easily relocatable and although they are not as robust or long lasting as containerised units, their low cost and portability make them ideal for many situations, including dining rooms and stores.

Inflatable systems have many benefits including speed of erection with minimal labour and extremely high insulation values.

PKL has the largest fleet of portable kitchen units in the world. Where an extremely rapid delivery is required, projects can be delivered utilising kitchens and equipment drawn directly from the PKL fleet

We have an impressive record of delivering fast-track facilities to the world’s military forces as well as to major construction and oil exploration sites and for relief work.

Friday, 18 April 2008

All Systems Go!

System Kitchens are commercial kitchens designed to take advantage of the very latest in off-site construction methods and while often specified for permanent use, are entirely relocatable allowing the end user complete flexibility. This construction method ensures that the time spent on site is drastically reduced.

Over the last 18 years, PKL have completed over 200 System Kitchen projects for a range of clients including facilities management companies, schools, hospitals, contract caterers, prisons, the armed forces, hotels and oil companies. A large number of clients opt for a System Kitchen because it can be constructed quickly, without having to compromise on building standards.

Our System Kitchen specialists at PKL are able to consult with clients to ensure the kitchen is designed to reach its full potential while PKL also provide a dedicated project manager to oversee both the construction and on site installation of the kitchen. In addition our high level of expertise is kitchen design, means that the facility will be constructed to meet exact end-user requirements.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Mobile Canopies – Perfect For Major Event Catering

Mobile Canopies have been developed for cooking under canvas and within existing buildings and have been supplied by PKL for a number of major event catering projects. Mobile canopies are fitted with automatic fire suppression systems, an automatic gas shut off system and a full-length extraction canopy.

At the Commonwealth Games in Manchester, PKL supplied, managed and installed the temporary catering and dinning facilities at the Athletes Village which provided over 18,000 meals, 24 hours a day, serving athletes and officials alike. The food production operation was centred around six open plan kitchen units and three fully equipped “Central Island Canopies,” joined together to form 130m2 of production capacity.

In addition, another 400 items of catering equipment were in use throughout the dining, kitchen and serving areas.

Friday, 28 March 2008

No Event Catering Equipment? No Problem

PKL have supplied event-catering equipment and facilities for over 20 years and there is no event big or small that we cannot supply. We have supplied event-catering equipment for music concerts, outdoor festivals, sporting events, award ceremonies, exhibitions, functions and parties.

Our range of Portable Kitchens suitable for event-catering includes preparation kitchens, production kitchens, dishwashing units, restaurant units and coldrooms.

In addition we have over 8000 items of catering equipment available for hire and we can also arrange the supply of a marquee to create a funtion area, meaning that whatever your event-catering needs are, you can find a solution with PKL.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Open Plan Facility for Swinfen

PKL designed and built and open plan temporary kitchen facility to feed 650 inmates during the refurbishment of the permanent facility at HMYOI Swinfen Hall.

PKL were given a clear brief from Swinfen Hall for their temporary kitchen facility. The kitchen had to be open plan, allowing maximum visibility and built to strict security guidelines. This was the first kitchen of its kind to be built using dwarf walls and Central Island Canopies for complete visibility around the kitchen.

Constructed using PKL container units based on the design of ISO shipping containers, the units allowed for a flexible configuration to suit the site. Upon completion, the open plan facility consisted of walk in coldrooms, warewashing facilities, dry storage, preparation areas and main production kitchen covering 365m2. ­

Friday, 7 March 2008

Kitchens Kitchens Everywhere!

Location proved to be no problem for PKL as a Portable Kitchen was craned onto the deck of HMS Invincible to cater for two events as part of the Trafalgar 200 celebrations.

The ship, which was docked in Portsmouth, was loaded with a Magnum Kitchen and two Coldrooms before sailing into the Solent where the events were held. All the catering equipment had to be compatible with the ships’ electrics and secured so they would remain static while at sea.

PKL were able to quickly position and install the Portable Kitchens and catering equipment onto the ship, which was then used to provide 700 covers in the space of 10 days.
PKL have supplied Portable Kitchens and catering equipment to a wide range of events throughout the UK including the London Marathon, Glastonbury festival, Wembley Stadium and Earls Court.

Thursday, 28 February 2008

Kitchen Refurbishment? No Problem!

pkl temporary kitchensPKL has supplied temporary catering facilities to hundreds of hotels in the UK over the last 20 years, enabling minimum disruption to their restaurant and banqueting services while refurbishment work is undertaken.

With the average renovation lasting around eight weeks, can your hotel afford to be without a foodservice operation for this amount of time while refurbishments take place?

Over the last two years, PKL has worked with many of the leading hospitality groups and developed three temporary kitchen packages designed specifically for use in hotels. These packages cater for hotels of different sizes and can be fully bespoke to suit exact end user requirements.

PKL understand how important your reputation is and our Portable Kitchens allow you to produce the kind of menu guests have come to expect from your establishment. We offer a complete turnkey solution, starting with a no obligation site survey and finishing with collection of equipment once the hire period has finished.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Contingency Planning from PKL

PKL were able to supply Keele University with an emergency kitchen hire after fire destroyed their main banqueting and catering facilities. The 15 unit portable facility was delivered and installed in one week, positioned along a severe drop and between listed trees. Once in place, the units were joined by a maze of walkways that enabled access to the existing dining rooms. The facility was onsite for 16 weeks and enabled Christmas functions at the university to go on as planned.

PKL can offer a kitchen contingency plan that is second to none. We will identify what Portable Kitchens and / or catering equipment you need, as a minimum for temporary cover and undertake a full site survey.

Whatever, your catering emergency you can be assured that PKL can provide a rapid response. You can contact our hire team 24 hours a day by calling 0845 840 4242.

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Olympic Sized Catering From PKL

PKL has provided catering facilities to a wide number of major international events around the world, including the Olympic Games in Barcelona, Athens and Sydney.

At the Olympic Games in Sydney, PKL provided the catering facilities in the Athletes Village, serving the needs of 10,200 athletes, 5,000 officials and 6,000 staff on a daily basis.

PKL was responsible for the entire design and build of the kitchen, including the fitout of the dining hall, foodservice and warewash equipment. As well as providing complete project management, PKL also installed all ground services, electrical, water and gas distribution as well as the refrigeration and air handling systems.

Up to 50,000 meals per day were cooked in the world’s largest temporary kitchen at the Sydney Olympic Games.

Friday, 8 February 2008

Jack's the lad for PKL

JACK is a simple touch screen interface which, when cited in the kitchen can provide constant communication between the customer, kitchen staff and the PKL technical support team.

JACK can provide bespoke induction and training programmes for staff, video training to allow you to get the best out of your equipment, has parts of your equipment to hand and is up to date on health and safety issues. JACK is an experienced engineer who knows your equipment inside out, can put you in touch with PKL at the touch of a button and communicates in a variety of different languages.

What JACK can do for you…

- Inductions and health and safety
- Training Videos
- Multilingual information
- Technical support and fault diagnosis
- Spare parts on site

Thursday, 31 January 2008

The Kitchen Hardly Stops at the BBC

The BBC Manchester canteen is on duty for most of the day, staring serving breakfasts to early risers right through to keeping the late shift going throughout the night.

To keep the kitchen operational, equipment reliability was crucial as well as the ability to change and upgrade equipment to meet demands of changing trends. Working together with PKL, key items of equipment were chosen that would allow the canteen to provide a wide variety of meals and adapt their menu without any disruption to the kitchen.

Should there be a requirement, the BBC can change any item of equipment as and when they choose, while 24/7 technical support provided by PKL, keeps the BBC safe in the knowledge that they will remain fully operational.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

New Kitchen Facilities Increase Flexibility for Pub

Through KitchenFM the Onslow arms has added additional equipment to its kitchen, increasing operational efficiency.

As well as providing an exclusive French menu, the kitchen is also used as a teaching facility where weekly classes on French cuisine are given. With the kitchen being on display the management and maintenance of the equipment is a top priority.
Through the buy back offer from KitchenFM, the Onslow Arms has been able to free up valuable capital tied up in its catering equipment. Handing over the overall responsibility of their catering equipment has allowed the Onlsow Arms the flexibility to adapt their menu to meet new trends and stay at the forefront of kitchen design.

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Adaptable Kitchen Required by Pub Restaurant

Nantyfin Cider Mill has built a reputation for their range of cider and an exceptional pub menu and required a kitchen that was both practical and offered the ability to adapt their already exciting and varied menu.

Allowing KitchenFM to provide their kitchen, Nantyfin have been able to hand over all the responsibility and running of their catering equipment and concentrate on their core business of cider and a delectable menu.

KitchenFM is an attractive cost effective method of procuring and maintaining kitchen equipment without any capital outlay. It allows the end user to outsource both the ownership and the maintenance of their kitchen estate to PKL and is relevant for both existing sites and for new developments.

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Bar and Restaurant Facilities for Golf Course

Cleeve Hill Golf Course now caters to all appetites after the installation of kitchen facilities from PKL. Serving everything from a wide range of bar snacks to full roast dinners throughout the day, the reliability of the kitchen equipment is crucial. Robust, versatile items of equipment were chosen to allow the kitchen the flexibility required when putting together the menu and planning events.

has given Cleeve Hill Golf Course peace of mind that their kitchen will always be functional and should anything go wrong an engineer will quickly be on site to solve the problem.