Tuesday, 3 June 2008

PKL has the Complete Package

The ‘Complete Package’ from PKL enables a venue to instantly increase their events capabilities by offering the facilities to increase bookings and food service capacity. Initially available in three standard options, the smallest package offers facilities for up to100 guests and ranges to our largest option, which caters for 300 or more. If needed, these packages can be fully bespoke to fit the exact requirements of your venue.

The Complete Package is supplied on a hire basis and allows venue owners to increase their function space for generating additional revenue with no capital expenditure.

With the Complete Package we can provide your venue with a comprehensive facility including catering equipment, preparation, production and storage space, dish washing facilities and a Marquee complete with seating, tabling, heating, lighting and a dance floor area.

The complete package can increase your venues potential to host a wide range of events including:

· Weddings - Capability for concurrent Bookings
· Seminars & Conferences - Flexibility to encompass additional
· Christmas Parties - Increased Seasonal Capacity
· Corporate Events - Create additional Facilities
· Sporting Events - Create multi-point Facilities
· Music Events - Create late trading Facility
· Film Shoots & One-off events - Create Stand Alone Facilities
· Garden & Country Fairs - Create Facility away from Main Building#

The PKL Complete Package provides a proven, common sense solution allowing Venues to avoid capital expenditure on permanent infrastructure whilst enabling them not only to maximise their income revenues from current events; but creating an instant capability to attract and encompass additional events.

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