Thursday, 28 October 2010

PKL pops in to London Restaurant Week

When Michelin star chef Jason Atherton popped up at a pop-up restaurant raising money for the homeless, he was able to avail himself of a wide range of catering equipment donated by PKL.

The pop-up restaurant, in London's Mayfair, was open for two nights as part of the London Restaurant Festival and the proceeds were donated to StreetSmart, the Festival's official charity. The restaurant was managed and operated by Restaurant Associates, and had to be put in place within a very short time frame.

The restaurant was assembled in a previously empty site so the dining area and kitchen had to be specially built, with just 40 places available each night. Guests were treated to a taste of things to come at Jason Atherton's new restaurant, due to open in January 2011.


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Monday, 18 October 2010

Modular KitchenPods help Northamptonshire’s schools

PKL has supplied a total of 32 KitchenPod pre-fabricated kitchen buildings to schools in Northamptonshire as part of the County Council’s Hot School Meals programme, designed to raise the nutritional quality of school meals.

Northamptonshire County Council has embarked on a broad-ranging programme to equip 62 primary schools with kitchen facilities, using a mix of refurbishment of existing facilities, new build and PKL’s KitchenPods. The latter have proved particularly cost-effective in situations where there is no space in the existing school buildings to site a kitchen.

Working closely with the County Council, PKL developed three sizes of kitchen, capable of providing between 70 and 150 hot meals per day. Each is sized to have extra capacity to account for anticipated increases in pupil numbers. Where the KitchenPods could not be sited very close to existing buildings, PKL has also supplied regeneration trollies to facilitate delivery of the food to the servery and dining areas.

The County Council’s Martin Hewins, who has been managing the Hot School Meals programme, commented: “We have had a very good service from PKL and they have been very responsive to our needs. The new kitchens have also been well received by the staff.”

PKL’s KitchenPods are available in a number of different designs with a wide choice of equipment layouts to suit each school’s requirements, ranging from regeneration of pre-prepared meals to hot production of school meals. They can also be supplied in a range of finishes to help them blend with existing buildings.

The KitchenPod is just one of a range of modular kitchen building solutions available from PKL Group. Constructed offsite, PKL’s permanent modular kitchens can be built to end user specifications including size, layout, exterior finish and catering and dining equipment, and provide permanent solutions for both small and large scale catering requirements.

Watch a video of a KitchenPod installation by clicking here.