Friday, 25 April 2008

Rapid Reponse Systems

PKL can provide relocatable kitchens and support facilities for remote international sites. Our range of options includes containerised units, tented solutions, and modular System Kitchens as well as facilities composed from ex-rental portable kitchens.

Containerised Systems can have a design life of up to 25 years and consist of highly robust ISO rated units that can be used in isolation or in unison to construct a larger facility. The units are designed specifically for rapid deployment and provide a safe, robust and efficient environment, self powered if necessary, with onboard generators, water and waste tanks.

System Kitchens are modular buildings designed and built using the latest in off site construction techniques. A System Kitchen is fully relocatable and conforms to full construction standards and is ideally suited for longer-term solutions.

Tented solutions offer great value for money and are easily relocatable and although they are not as robust or long lasting as containerised units, their low cost and portability make them ideal for many situations, including dining rooms and stores.

Inflatable systems have many benefits including speed of erection with minimal labour and extremely high insulation values.

PKL has the largest fleet of portable kitchen units in the world. Where an extremely rapid delivery is required, projects can be delivered utilising kitchens and equipment drawn directly from the PKL fleet

We have an impressive record of delivering fast-track facilities to the world’s military forces as well as to major construction and oil exploration sites and for relief work.

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