Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Cheltenham Festival 2014 - Day 1

As you may be aware, our offices are just a couple of miles up the road from Cheltenham Racecourse. This means that we all tend to pay particular attention to the Cheltenham Festival, if only to try and plan creative routes to and from work to avoid the race traffic!

Regular blog readers may remember that last year, our office bovine "CowCow" made daily race predictions by launching himself at a pile of printed horse names. You'll also recall that what he lacked in accuracy, he made up for in enthusiasm and facial hair. Nevertheless, he's back this year with a new prediction technique and a general aura of luck about him. Though that may, of course, just be his moustache shedding a bit. Either way, he's good to go!

How CowCow makes his race predictions
CowCow (complete with jaunty moustache), numbered spinners for each race, and the sophisticated spinner system which uses a winning combination of drawing pins, paperclips, cardboard and blue tack.

This year, we've created a numbered spinner for each race, featuring equal-sized segments representing the number of horses due to run. Each numbered segment corresponds to a different horse. To predict each race, the spinner is spun (with help from a human staff member) and then CowCow launches himself upon the spinner, stopping it in its tracks. Whichever numbered segment the spinner stops on becomes CowCow's prediction. Brilliant, we're sure you'll agree.

So, without further ado, here are today's predictions!

CowCow's Cheltenham Festival Predictions - 11th March 2014
Race 1 (1:30pm) - Vautour
Race 2 (2:05pm) - Grandouet
Race 3 (2:40pm) - Tour Des Champs
Race 4 (3:20pm) - Our Conor
Race 5 (4:00pm) - Pass The Time
Race 6 (4:40pm) - Rogue Angel
Race 7 (5:15pm) -  Ericht

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