Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Cheltenham Festival 2014 - Day 2

CowCow got off to a brilliant start yesterday, with his predicted horse winning the first race! To celebrate his first ever correct prediction, he put his aviators on and acted like a complete diva for the rest of the afternoon.

Sadly, things went a little downhill after the first race, but overall his first day was not entirely terrible (especially compared to last year!). Today's predictions are below, and CowCow is feeling optimistic! If you need a reminder of exactly how CowCow makes his predictions, see yesterday's post for details.

CowCow's Cheltenham Festival Predictions - 12th March 2014

Race 1 (1:30pm) - Knock House
Race 2 (2:05pm) - Le Bec
Race 3 (2:40pm) - Son of Flicka
Race 4 (3:20pm) - Sire De Grugy
Race 5 (4:00pm) - Star Neuville
Race 6 (4:40pm) - Keltus
Race 7 (5:15pm) -  El Namoose

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