Friday, 13 January 2012

PKL shares international expertise with local A-Level students

Three PKL staff visited Cleeve School earlier this week to help A-Level Business Studies students with a coursework project. The coursework was based on a fictional UK supermarket who wanted to expand into Europe, and the challenges of operating in a foreign country. Students came up with a list of questions to put to the PKL staff, covering issues such as operating with differing work hours, time zones, currency and cultural differences.

PKL staff Alan Kitto (HR), Sam Christie (Marketing) and Will Perry (Finance), were all delighted to be involved with the school, which is based just down the road from our office in Bishops Cleeve. Alan held mock interviews for Year 11 pupils at the school at the end of last year and said we'd be happy to help out at the school again in future. Matt Prior, Head of Business and Economics at the school, then got in touch asking if PKL could help with this project as we have extensive experience of operating overseas.

You can read more in The Gloucestershire Echo, who covered the story.

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