Thursday, 31 January 2008

The Kitchen Hardly Stops at the BBC

The BBC Manchester canteen is on duty for most of the day, staring serving breakfasts to early risers right through to keeping the late shift going throughout the night.

To keep the kitchen operational, equipment reliability was crucial as well as the ability to change and upgrade equipment to meet demands of changing trends. Working together with PKL, key items of equipment were chosen that would allow the canteen to provide a wide variety of meals and adapt their menu without any disruption to the kitchen.

Should there be a requirement, the BBC can change any item of equipment as and when they choose, while 24/7 technical support provided by PKL, keeps the BBC safe in the knowledge that they will remain fully operational.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

New Kitchen Facilities Increase Flexibility for Pub

Through KitchenFM the Onslow arms has added additional equipment to its kitchen, increasing operational efficiency.

As well as providing an exclusive French menu, the kitchen is also used as a teaching facility where weekly classes on French cuisine are given. With the kitchen being on display the management and maintenance of the equipment is a top priority.
Through the buy back offer from KitchenFM, the Onslow Arms has been able to free up valuable capital tied up in its catering equipment. Handing over the overall responsibility of their catering equipment has allowed the Onlsow Arms the flexibility to adapt their menu to meet new trends and stay at the forefront of kitchen design.

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Adaptable Kitchen Required by Pub Restaurant

Nantyfin Cider Mill has built a reputation for their range of cider and an exceptional pub menu and required a kitchen that was both practical and offered the ability to adapt their already exciting and varied menu.

Allowing KitchenFM to provide their kitchen, Nantyfin have been able to hand over all the responsibility and running of their catering equipment and concentrate on their core business of cider and a delectable menu.

KitchenFM is an attractive cost effective method of procuring and maintaining kitchen equipment without any capital outlay. It allows the end user to outsource both the ownership and the maintenance of their kitchen estate to PKL and is relevant for both existing sites and for new developments.

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Bar and Restaurant Facilities for Golf Course

Cleeve Hill Golf Course now caters to all appetites after the installation of kitchen facilities from PKL. Serving everything from a wide range of bar snacks to full roast dinners throughout the day, the reliability of the kitchen equipment is crucial. Robust, versatile items of equipment were chosen to allow the kitchen the flexibility required when putting together the menu and planning events.

has given Cleeve Hill Golf Course peace of mind that their kitchen will always be functional and should anything go wrong an engineer will quickly be on site to solve the problem.