Thursday, 27 November 2014

Trident Football Club – November Results

We’re happy to announce that local football team AFC Trident (sponsored by PKL) remain unbeaten so far this season – here’s how they got on this month…

In their first match of November, Trident battled with Brockworth Albion 3rds at home. Having struggled against them last season, Trident gave a strong performance. Goals came courtesy of a header from Aiden Knight, a hat trick from Chris Morris and a further goal from Liam Poole. Finally, a Brockworth own-goal resulted in Trident winning 6-1.

Next, following a week off, Trident took on Barnwood United Reserves. Going into the game, both teams were level at the top of the table on 18 points, with Barnwood having played a game more. Trident started as they meant to go on, with an early goal from Liam Poole. Chris Morris then scored a further two goals in quick succession, giving Trident a strong 3-0 lead within the first 20 minutes. Barnwood soon hit back with a goal of their own, but another goal from Liam Pool in the second half secured Trident’s 4-1 victory and opened up a 3-point gap at the top of Division 5.

The Purple Army then played Stonehouse Town 3rds at home. Following a strong start from the opposition, Trident went into the lead through a stroke of luck, after the ball hit Daniel Whisby’s shin while blocking a clearance, deflecting into the back of the net. This led to a renewed effort from Trident, with Chris Morris going on to score a hat trick in the space of 15 minutes, but unfortunately gaining an injury from his third goal. Liam Poole scored a header at the start of the second half, leading Trident to win 5-0. 

PKL sponsor AFC Trident November 2014
Season Summary

23.8.14 Stroud District Football League Division 5
Trident 7 vs 1 Quedgeley Wanderers 3rds

30.8.14 Stroud District Football League Division 5
Trident 11 vs 0 Cashes Green Res

6.9.14 Stroud District Football League Division 5
Trident 3 vs 1 Rodborough Old Boys

13.9.14 Stroud District Football League Division 5
Coaley Rovers Res 0 vs 9 Trident

27.9.14 Gloucestershire County Cup Round 1
Lechlade 87 2 vs 5 Trident

11.10.14 Stroud District Football League Division 5
Trident 6 - 4 Dursley Town 3rds

19.10.14 Charity Cup Section D
Randwick Res 1 - 5 Trident

25.10.14 Gloucestershire County Cup Round 2
Trident 4 - 0 Quedgeley Wanderers 3rds

01.11.14 Stroud District Football League Division 5
Trident 6 vs 1 Brockworth Albion 3rds

15.11.14 Stroud District Football League Division 5
Barnwood United Res 1 vs 4 Trident

22.11.14 Stroud District Football League Division 5
Trident 5 vs 0 Stonehouse Town 3rds

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Kitchen Solutions for Ports and Dockyards

I’ve worked with a number of ports and dockyards during my time at PKL, helping provide catering infrastructure solutions for a range of different projects.

These are always interesting projects to work on as every job has different requirements and site layouts. As a result, we have created different kitchen options to use as a starting point to design a solution to suit each individual project.

With various options available for these sites in particular, I thought it might be useful to outline the main PKL solutions that are typically specified for ports and dockyards.

Dockyards are such large and complex sites that we have created a number of dockyard-friendly catering solutions over the years for our clients.

Here’s a quick overview of our top kitchen solutions for the sector:

PKL port and dockyard kitchen solutions

Modular Kitchens and Dining Facilities

Where a cook and serve option is required, we offer three different sizes of portable kitchen, all with service hatches to allow a grab and go meal service. These self-contained kitchens use brand name commercial catering equipment for the storage, preparation, production and service of meals.

We also offer fully integrated temporary catering arrangements that comprise multiple buildings linked together to provide a tailor made kitchen solution. These can be linked to an existing dining structure, or to a servery building where contractors can collect their meals to be eaten in their own mess buildings. Alternatively, we can provide temporary dining facilities too.

Mobile Galley Kitchens

For large or spread out sites, we offer mobile galley kitchens, which have proven to be popular for use in ports and dockyards. These kitchen trailers are fully mobile and can be moved around site, offering maximum flexibility and enabling catering services to be easily accessible to staff working in all locations.

Read this case study on a modular kitchen and mobile galley feeders that we supplied to a dockyard.

Food Cube Satellite Feeding Stations

Our Food Cube satellite feeding stations are designed to ease the pressure on canteen servery lines and save remote workers from spending valuable time getting to and from meal breaks. Food is cooked and prepared in the main canteen and then transferred to the Food Cube located elsewhere on site, where it can be kept warm or refrigerated prior to being served. The Food Cube design allows for the retailing of hot and cold meals, snacks, sandwiches, and hot and cold drinks.

More Info?

For more information on our catering infrastructure solutions for ports and dockyards, give me a call or visit the PKL website.

PKL portable kitchens at a dockyard

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

PKL at National School Meals Week 2014

As part of National School Meals Week, we installed a PKL temporary kitchen outside the House of Commons last Tuesday to feed school lunches to MPs, peers and members of the public.

Some of the dishes served may have come as a surprise to anyone unaware of recent changes to school food – the menu included options such as organic beef Jamaican pie with mash, Valencia salmon paella, sweet potato curry with roti bread, and Arabian lamb and rice. These are all meals which are on the menu at local schools, so they represented a real example of modern school food.

The temporary kitchen was delivered at the crack of dawn and installed in Old Palace Yard. Local school chefs then used the kitchen to cook and serve lunch from 12-2pm. The kitchen drew quite a crowd, with lots of people coming to sample the food.

MPs who stopped by to taste the school lunches included David Laws, Sharon Hodgson, Stephen Mosley and Edward Davey among others. The event was also attended by Linda Creegan, CEO of the Children’s Food Trust, and Myles Bremner, Director of the School Food Plan.

By 4.30pm the kitchen was all packed up and loaded back onto our lorry ready to head back to PKL HQ. With over 25 years’ experience supplying temporary kitchens, permanent KitchenPods and Food Cubes to the education sector, we’ve seen first-hand how school food has changed in recent years and we’re proud to have been part of this exciting event which has helped showcase just how far school food has come.

PKL kitchen being delivered to the House of Commons for NSMW
PKL kitchen outside the House of Commons for NSMW