Friday, 30 January 2015

Trident Football Club – December/January Results

We last caught up with AFC Trident at the end of November, and plenty has happened since then.

In their first match of December, Trident played Blockley Sports in the third round of the County Cup. With top goal scorer Chris Morris unable to play due to injury, the rest of the team stepped up, with Daniel Whisby scoring in the first half. Stuart Hindley and Craig Cooke kept a strong defence in the second half, preventing Blockley Sports from equalising and enabling Trident to score two further goals from Matt Hindley and Liam Poole. The game ended 3-0, with Trident securing a place in the quarter final.

So far unbeaten, following 12 straight wins, Trident’s next match was against Frampton United 3rds. Despite Trident having the most chances in the first half, Frampton were the first to score, followed soon after by an equaliser from Liam Poole. There were more missed chances for Trident in the second half, while Frampton had an opportunity and took it, scoring a second goal. With just seconds to spare, Liam Poole scored his second goal of the game for Trident, but a 2-2 draw was the best Trident could manage, and this unlucky thirteenth game of the season finally put an end to Trident’s winning streak.

Following their disappointing draw against Frampton, Trident travelled to Rodborough hoping to get things back on track. Unfortunately Rodborough Old Boys had other ideas, and took the lead at half time. Another goal for Rodborough early in the second half was eventually followed by Matt Hindley scoring for the Purple Army. This spurred Trident into action, but they were unable to level the score. Rodborough took advantage of a late slip in defence to finish the game 3-1, marking Trident’s first defeat of the season.

In the first game of 2015, Trident travelled to The Village FC to fight for a place in the semi final of the County Cup. This promised to be an exciting game as both sides were top of their respective leagues. In an energy-filled first half, Karl Robertson and Matt Hindley scored for Trident, leading to a 2-0 half time score. Another two Trident goals early in the second half, courtesy of Liam Poole and Matt Hindley again, doubled the team’s lead. Left back Michael Levett scored Trident’s fifth goal, followed by a great header from Matt Brookes. The final score was 6-2, with the Purple Army going through to the semi final.

Trident’s next game, against Coaley Rovers Res, resulted in an impressive 8-0 victory, with hat tricks from Matt Brookes and Karl Robertson, plus a goal from Chris Morris after returning from injury. Their eighth goal came courtesy of the Coaley goalkeeper, who punched the ball into his own net from a cross.

In other news this month, Trident reached the semi final of the Charity Cup after Stonehouse 3rds couldn't field a team.

Season Summary

23.8.14 Stroud District Football League Division 5
Trident 7 vs 1 Quedgeley Wanderers 3rds

30.8.14 Stroud District Football League Division 5
Trident 11 vs 0 Cashes Green Res

6.9.14 Stroud District Football League Division 5
Trident 3 vs 1 Rodborough Old Boys

13.9.14 Stroud District Football League Division 5
Coaley Rovers Res 0 vs 9 Trident

27.9.14 Gloucestershire County Cup Round 1
Lechlade 87 2 vs 5 Trident

11.10.14 Stroud District Football League Division 5
Trident 6 - 4 Dursley Town 3rds

19.10.14 Charity Cup Section D
Randwick Res 1 - 5 Trident

25.10.14 Gloucestershire County Cup Round 2
Trident 4 - 0 Quedgeley Wanderers 3rds

01.11.14 Stroud District Football League Division 5
Trident 6 vs 1 Brockworth Albion 3rds

15.11.14 Stroud District Football League Division 5
Barnwood United Res 1 vs 4 Trident

22.11.14 Stroud District Football League Division 5
Trident 5 vs 0 Stonehouse Town 3rds

29.11.14 Gloucestershire County Cup Round 3
Trident 3 vs 0 Blockley Sports

06.12.14 Stroud District Football League Division 5
Trident 2 vs 2 Frampton United 3rds

20.12.14 Stroud District Football League Division 5
Rodborough Old Boys 3 vs 1 Trident

10.01.15 Gloucestershire County Cup Quarter Final
The Village FC 2 vs 6 Trident

24.01.15 Stroud District Football League Division 5
Trident 8 vs 0 Coaley Rovers Res

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Introducing the PKL ExtensionPods

If you’re a regular blog reader, you probably know all about our popular modular KitchenPods, and how they are a great option for clients who don’t have existing kitchen facilities but need a permanent solution.

What you might not have realised though, is that our Pods also make a great alternative to a traditional extension, and can be connected to existing buildings to increase the size of existing kitchen facilities.

If you already have a functioning kitchen but are struggling with capacity and require more space, our “ExtensionPods” provide a simple solution. As with a more traditional extension, these Pods can be joined to your existing building and provide additional production, preparation, storage, dishwashing or laundry space. They can be used to either create an open plan layout, or be kept as separate rooms and accessed via an internal door if you’d prefer.

We’ve recently created some options to show the different types of ExtensionPod available, which can provide solutions for different requirements. As always, each of these facilities can be fully customised to suit your requirements in terms of size, equipment and external finish – you could even mix and match between them to create your perfect solution!

PKL DishwashPod and StoragePod


Use one of our hugely popular KitchenPods to expand your existing kitchen with additional production space, allowing you to produce even more meals. This is ideal for places such as schools or care homes, where demand for meals may be increasing over time and putting pressure on the existing kitchen.

This dishwash facility can free up space in your current kitchen by creating a new dedicated area for dishwashing. The addition of a DishwashPod extension would enable you to reconfigure your existing kitchen to maximise your preparation and production space, helping increase your meal capacity.

Create extra storage space in your current kitchen by adding a StoragePod extension. It is ideal for either dry or cold storage, and helps keep preparation and production areas clutter-free. Having additional storage space may also enable you to benefit from buying supplies in bulk, reducing costs, risk and disruption from deliveries. 

PKL PrepPod and LaundryPod


If you need additional preparation space in your kitchen, a PrepPod extension is ideal. Giving you greater capacity to prepare food from scratch, this option can also enable you to increase the number and type of meals you produce.

Our LaundryPod extensions are particularly well-suited to care homes, hospitals, prisons and universities, and are a great way to extend your laundry facilities or add a laundry room to existing communal areas.

Food Cubes
If you don't have room for an extension but need to take the pressure off your existing kitchen, don't forget about our permanent modular Food Cubes. They can be situated elsewhere on site as standalone facilities and can be used to produce light meals and snacks as well as providing an extra servery area.

Hopefully you’re now a little more familiar with the different options available and the huge range of possibilities they provide! If you’re considering a kitchen extension and would like a chat about our different ExtensionPod options and how they could help you, please do get in touch with myself or one of my colleagues.