Monday, 25 January 2016

On-Site Delivery Training

Across the business, our different teams have regular opportunities to train with each other, to keep their skills and knowledge up to date and maintain a good oversight of the whole business.

Stuart, one of our drivers, ran an on-site delivery training for our sales team this morning, to help them better understand the practicalities of how we deliver our kitchen units to clients. This will help them know what to look out for when undertaking site surveys with new clients, and will help ensure our customers continue to be offered the highest quality service.

PKL Delivery Training | Presentation

This morning’s training started off in the Board Room, with a presentation on what to look out for when assessing sites for delivery, information on the Hiab’s range, and diagrams showing the Hiab’s reach and the turning spaces needed for our different vehicles.

PKL Delivery Training | Outrigger Demo
The team then headed out to the yard for a practical demonstration of the Hiab crane, which Stuart used to lift a kitchen unit off the truck. He first showed the correct positioning and space required for the truck’s outriggers (stabiliser legs), to ensure the lorry remains stable throughout the lift. This would need to be taken into account especially on tight sites, as they stick out quite a long way from the sides of the truck when correctly extended.

PKL Delivery Training | Hiab Lift
Having climbed up and attached the unit to the Hiab, he then demonstrated the full reach of the arm, to show the sales team the space and angles required for such a lift, and to show the Hiab’s maximum capabilities.

The sales team had the opportunity to ask lots of questions, which was especially useful for the newest members of the team who joined us at the end of last year, enabling them to build on the training they received during their inductions.

You can visit our website for more information on our delivery and installation service, and if you order a kitchen from us, keep an eye out as it might be Stuart that delivers it to you!