Monday, 29 July 2013

PKL Contingency Week – Part 1

For pubs, restaurants, hotels and other business operating in the hospitality industry, the kitchen is at the very heart of the business. The ability to serve food is a basic requirement, and the whole business would be put at risk if the kitchen were to become unusable.

In such a situation, maintaining foodservice provision is essential to fulfil existing bookings and maintain revenue streams, so it is important to have kitchen contingency plans in place. To receive a free, bespoke kitchen contingency plan, just fill out the quick form on our website here.

Case Study: Hotel Fire
When a hotel in Devon suffered a kitchen fire in the last quarter of the year, it was imperative that service continued so as not to lose business. With many Christmas parties and other festive events coming up, the hotel needed to maintain its catering capability urgently. PKL supplied a portable kitchen and coldroom, enabling party season to go ahead at the hotel as planned, avoiding a major loss in
pub kitchen contingency plan
Case Study: Pub Fire
When a fire destroyed the kitchen at the Three Conies Inn, they got in touch with PKL, and had a temporary kitchen and coldroom on site within a matter of days. The facility was used to cook lunchtime and evening meals while the existing kitchen was rebuilt. The landlord told us that the facility was so good that it had actually halved their normal cooking times, which was an unexpected side effect! For more info on this case study, click here.

If you are planning any kitchen or dining refurbishment work, it is also important to ensure that you have plans in place to keep your catering operation running, so as not to lose business. Contact us if you are planning a kitchen refurbishment or other temporary kitchen closure, and we can advise you on suitable temporary facilities to meet your needs, and arrange to help keep you up and running during this period.

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