Thursday, 21 March 2013

Some PKL Poetry

As it's World Poetry Day today, we thought we'd try and impress you with some attempts at witty rhyme. It turns out that nothing rhymes with "kitchen" though, so that made the task slightly more challenging..!

If you are redoing your kitchen
Get temporary facilities from us in!
With our expertise
We can do it with ease
With minimal hassle and fussin’!

If you need a permanent solution
Our Cubes are a fine contribution.
Our Pods are great too
(And we’ve sold quite a few!) -
They’re something of a revolution!

If you’re catering for an event
Run your kitchen from inside a tent!
If you’ve made the commitment,
We’ve got the equipment
All you need to do’s pay the rent!

If you need our kitchens worldwide,
Fear not, because we can provide
Our kitchens everywhere –
We'll just ship them there!
We know that you’ll be satisfied.

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