Friday, 15 March 2013

Cheltenham Festival - Day 4

As the Cheltenham Festival draws to a close today, we are taking some time to reflect on CowCow's predictions so far. He has predicted one winner correctly, and many of his other predictions have almost finished their races - great success! But like they say, it isn't over until the fat pony wins...

If you need a reminder of what's going on and how CowCow generates his predictions, visit Tuesday's blog post. You can also read back over the last three days of predictions, which are all up here on the blog.

CowCow has selected a "diverse" selection of horses today, so we'll see what happens! As always, follow us on Twitter for photographic reminders of CowCow's chosen horses throughout the day.

CowCow's Cheltenham Festival Predictions - 15th March 2013

Race 1 - Gassin Golf
Race 2 - Ifandbutwhynot
Race 3 - Inish Island
Race 4 - Silviniaco Conti
Race 5 - Chapoturgeon
Race 6 - Make Your Mark
Race 7 - Oh Crick

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