Friday, 2 March 2012

Report Highlights Summer Equipment Shortage

Independent specialist datahouse Caterlyst have undertaken research looking into the demand for catering equipment hire over the summer period, within the event industry and cost sector. We were invited to comment on the reports they produced, and some of the results were quite surprising. Caterlyst have kindly allowed us to upload the reports to our website, and you can view them here.

Event Operators Report Summary

The research found that a third of event operators have involvement in or around the Olympics, with 80% of events catering for over 50 people. Many events of this size require specialist catering equipment, and over a third are planning to hire equipment in. However, the report found that despite this particularly high demand related to the Olympics this summer, 66% of operators have not considered that there may be a shortage of kit, and 70% have not planned to book early to ensure availability. 

Cost Sector Report Summary

According to the report, 44% of operators will be working on projects involving kitchen and dining areas this summer, with 38% needing to hire temporary kitchens or equipment. 40% will be catering for over 100 people a day, with 38% catering for 400+ at peak times. Worryingly, the report showed that 90% of cost sector operators have not considered the impact the Olympics and other events this summer will have on availability, and are not anticipating an equipment shortage this summer. 

Advice to Customers

Based on the information in the report, we are strongly urging our customers to order portable kitchens and catering equipment early this year. There are only a few UK companies operating in this sector, and there is a finite pool of stock. PKL has made significant capital investment in anticipation of high demand this summer, however anyone not ordering well in advance risks not getting their first choice items.

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