Thursday, 16 February 2012

PKL KitchenPod Installation at Frosts Garden Centre

A couple of weeks ago we undertook the installation of our first garden centre KitchenPod. Located at Frosts Garden Centre at Millets Farm just outside Oxford, the KitchenPod was installed in less than 4 hours, causing minimum disruption. We filmed the installation from start to finish, and made the following video illustrating all the stages in the process, from the laying of the trackway, right up to the final positioning of the KitchenPod.

The KitchenPod will enable the garden centre’s cafe to produce hot food on site and greatly expand their menu. Simon O’Shea, the garden centre’s Catering Operations Manager said,

We bought the KitchenPod because of the convenience of getting everything we need in one managed package. It suited our needs down to the ground. This was much better than building a new kitchen from scratch and was much more convenient.

We’ve budgeted to double the sales of the cafe based on the fact that we can produce the food straight away, right on the doorstep. It’s enabling us to improve our menu so we can increase the spend per head as well. It should pay for itself in no time.

What is a KitchenPod?

The KitchenPod is a modern, hygienic, permanent modular kitchen building, which is supplied complete with catering equipment in an easy-to-install pod. The KitchenPod is especially suited to establishments with no current kitchen or those looking to upgrade their existing catering facilities.

KitchenPods conform to hygiene and building legislation, and are built off-site, meaning disruption to you is minimised. Available in either a wood cladding or brick slip finish, our modular kitchens can be designed to blend in seamlessly with existing buildings on-site or branded to suit your company or establishment.

KitchenPods are available for either contract rental or capital purchase, and PKL also provides inclusive service, parts, labour and preventative maintenance visits, both for the building and the catering equipment inside. This makes our KitchenPods an affordable, no-hassle solution.

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