Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Temporary Kitchens for Food Manufacturers

We have loads of experience of supplying food manufacturers with temporary kitchen space, so here’s a quick overview of how we can help the food manufacturing sector!

Top 5 reasons food manufacturers might need temporary kitchens

There are lots of different reasons why a food manufacturer might need to hire a temporary kitchen – here are the top five reasons I’ve come across from clients:

1.    Food manufacturers take on a new contract and need to increase their production facilities for a set amount of time.

2.    Additional facilities are required in order to undertake the production of a trial product.

3.    Temporary facilities are needed in order for production to continue during kitchen refurbishment works.

4.    The food manufacturer is operating at full capacity but requires more production space.

5.    An emergency has resulted in all or part of the kitchen being closed at short notice, so temporary facilities are required to continue production.

We offer a whole range of solutions to help food manufacturers in these situations. These include the provision of modular kitchen facilities to enable increased production capacity, additional cold and dry storage space, emergency temporary kitchens or catering equipment if main production facilities have been taken out of action, and product testing and development kitchens.

PKL temporary kitchens for food manufacturersKey considerations for food manufacturers when considering temporary kitchens

Our temporary kitchens are an ideal solution as they’re so flexible. There are several factors that food manufacturers need to consider when thinking about hiring temporary facilities:

Size and Timescale
Depending on requirements, the size of kitchen needed can vary hugely. We can supply facilities of all sizes, from 15 sqm up to 1,500+ sqm. Different requirements also have different timescales. For example, a major refurbishment or new contract may require a long term solution, whereas increased capacity might just be required for a busy period or while a new product is being developed. We can offer short, medium and long term solutions tailored to each client’s individual needs.

Catering Equipment
Depending on the product being produced, specific items of catering equipment are likely to be needed. Utilising products from our range of over 9,000 items of catering equipment, we work with our clients to supply a temporary kitchen facility which is matched with the production requirements. Our commercial catering equipment is well-maintained and consists of trusted, professional brands which are suitable for heavy usage.

Compliance and the Kitchen Environment
It’s very important that any kitchen facilities used for food manufacturing comply fully with all relevant food hygiene and health and safety legislation.
All our units and items of catering equipment undergo thorough, regular maintenance to ensure that they reach you in good working order, and are tested and certificated before every hire.

Our kitchen units are purpose-built and designed specifically for catering use, so they offer a high quality catering environment with all the latest health and safety features. Our kitchen features include extraction canopies with fully interlocked gas valves, emergency cut off points, automatic fire suppression, easy clean extraction systems, infestation proof construction, high lux lighting housed in steam proof fittings and automatic emergency lighting. In addition, the walls and ceilings are all wipe clean plastisteel, and our kitchens feature sealed non-slip vinyl flooring, to facilitate cleaning. We also offer environmental control with options for tempered air in areas of high air movement, and chilled environments where there are areas of high risk food assembly.

PKL modular kitchen facilities for food manufacturers

More Info?

For more information on our catering infrastructure solutions for food manufacturers, give me a call or visit the PKL website.

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