Thursday, 25 April 2013

New Mini Triton Kitchens

Having seen the popularity of our large 3-unit Triton kitchens with my clients, I suggested we develop more in our portfolio to make them available to a wider range of sectors and institution sizes.

Having developed the idea further with a team of colleagues, the new products are now a reality, so I am pleased to introduce our new 3-unit Mini Triton kitchens and 4-unit Mini Triton Plus kitchens! These temporary kitchens are a smaller, budget-friendly alternative to the larger Tritons.

The new 3 or 4-unit temporary kitchens offer all the benefits of the big Tritons, but have a reduced footprint, enabling them to fit onto smaller sites where the standard Tritons would be too large.

They offer the same separation of kitchen areas for good catering practice, and are ideal for medium sized institutional applications, such as for medium to large sized hotels, small hospitals and school refurbishments.

The Mini Tritons are quick to assemble on site, and their smaller size means that two units can be transported per lorry, minimising transport (and transport costs!) and offering a lower carbon footprint.

Please feel free to get in touch if you’d like a chat about whether our new Mini Tritons might offer a suitable solution for your requirements.

PKL Mini Triton and Mini Triton Plus Kitchens
Plan views of the Mini Triton and Mini Triton Plus kitchens

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