Monday, 8 October 2007

No School Kitchen? No problem!

PKL has been involved in providing modular kitchen units to thousands of clients over the last 20 years during refurbishment projects, emergencies or events such as the Olympic Games in both Athens and Sydney and very soon, in Beijing.

In response to the demand for hot, fresh food to be provided in primary schools, PKL have developed the KitchenPod. The KitchenPod is a modern and hygienic school kitchen, complete with essential catering equipment, packaged in an efficient, easy-to-install building pod.

KitchenPods are available in three standard designs with a choice of catering equipment layouts to suit your individual needs. Once you have chosen what you need, PKL do the rest:
· Site surveys
· Incoming services
· Site preparation
· Linking into your existing school building
· Delivery and siting of the KitchenPod
· Connection to services, commissioning
· Staff training on the KitchenPod including comprehensive equipment training

PKL will take care of all of the maintenance on the KitchenPod and the equipment – all for a single monthly hire charge.

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