Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Cheltenham Festival 2015 - Day 2

This week is race week here in Cheltenham, so our mystical moo-cow is on the case, making bold predictions and causing havoc in the office as he launches himself at his special psychic spinner, scattering stationery all over the place and generally making a mess.

CowCow Cheltenham Race Predictions 2015 Day 2

CowCow got off to a great start and successfully predicted one winner yesterday. He's particularly looking forward to Ladies' Day today (we're sure we heard him muttering about "beautiful bovines" earlier...), and is hoping to improve on yesterday's predictions.

So, here are his tips for today!

CowCow's Cheltenham Festival Predictions - 11th March 2015
Race 1 (1:30pm) - Windsor Park
Race 2 (2:05pm) - Wounded Warrior
Race 3 (2:40pm) - Goodwood Mirage
Race 4 (3:20pm) - Dodging Bullets
Race 5 (4:00pm) - Uncle Junior
Race 6 (4:40pm) - Verawal
Race 7 (5:15pm) -  Wait For Me

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