Friday, 24 May 2013

Your Invite to PKL's Food Cubes and KitchenPods Open Day

You! Yes you! You're invited to an open day at PKL where we will be giving you the chance to have a look at our Food Cubes and KitchenPods, and even some of our temporary kitchens.

We're going to have a number of units set up at our head office near Cheltenham, available for you to have a look around, so you can get an idea about how a new permanent modular kitchen or modular servery might fit in your organisation.

In addition, you'll get to meet members of our team, including many of those who have been blogging for PKL recently, who will be able to guide you through the facilities that we will have on show, and give you an additional tour of our complete on site facilities if requested (it's quite an interesting one, we promise!).

Did I mention that we're putting on free food as well???

The open days are being held at PKL's offices, just outside of Cheltenham on the 13th and 14th of June, and all you need to do if you would like to attend is email us at and let us know which day you would like to attend, whether you are bringing any colleagues with you, and what time you are thinking of getting here.

Food Cubes are modular servery buildings from PKL Group
PKL Food Cubes. Modular servery buildings.
What is a Food Cube and How Can it Help My Business or Organisation?

Food Cubes are modular servery kiosks which can be used for a variety of means. Although we think that the picture of one here is nice, it really doesn't show just how good these units are, and we think if you see one up close you'll be mightily impressed!

You can also see up close just how well these facilities are constructed, and why they are supplied with a 15 year structural warranty and 60 year BBA accredited design life.

Food Cubes provide a flexible solution too. Not only are they available in a wide range of sizes, but they are supplied with a bespoke range of finishes including vinyl wrap, brick slip, painted exterior or wooden cladding. This means that we can design them to fit in with your existing site, or you can design them yourself, to look completely how you want them to!

Food Cubes have been used for a variety of means. This includes schools who are looking to increase their catering outlets to help increase the number of their pupils who are staying on site at lunchtimes or to help relieve congestion in busy dining areas. Food Cubes have also be specified by leisure attractions looking to increase the number of catering concessions they have on site to maximise their revenue from catering sales.

They work too, and have been helping businesses and organsiations increase their revenue, create new catering concessions and help to increase their meal take up.

What Are KitchenPods and Why Should you be Looking at Them?

Permanent modular KitchenPods from PKL Group.
PKL KitchenPods. Permanent modular kitchen buildings.
Our KitchenPods are permanent modular kitchens, constructed off site and delivered complete with catering equipment, ready to connect to services. They are available as single pods in a variety of sizes, or can be linked together to form much larger open plan kitchen facilities. Our KitchenPods are ideal where you have no kitchen and are looking to introduce a meal service, or where you are looking to create more revenue generating space in your premises, for example by converting your existing kitchen into extra dining space or extra bedrooms. In addition, they can also be used to provide central production kitchens, used to service satellite kitchens or servery areas.

Like our Food Cubes, KitchenPods are available in a wide range of external finishes, which includes brick slip, wooden cladding, painted exterior or vinyl wrap meaning that they can be designed to blend in with your existing buildings on site, or made to be completely bespoke to your own design. Although they are permanent buildings, they are also relocatable, meaning that they can be moved around your site if your usage requirements change over time, and because they are modular buildings, should you decide that you need to increase your capacity over time you can add new modules to increase the kitchen size.

As they are constructed off site, KitchenPods can be delivered to you and ready to go in as little as eight weeks from receiving an order.

During the open days we will also be exhibiting a range of our temporary kitchen facilities, so if you have a refurbishment projects coming up, and aren't so sure about what a temporary kitchen is, then now is your chance to come and have a look at one.

To register your interest in attending the open day, please email your details to uk, stating the day you would like to attend and a time, or phone PKL on 0845 840 4242.

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