Thursday, 31 January 2013

Introducing Team PKL! Part 2

In a follow up to yesterday's post, we are delighted to introduce you to the rest of the team who will be giving their insight as to some of the challenges and considerations involved in delivering both temporary and permanent commercial kitchen facilities.

They are also here to answer any questions you may have regarding the installation of temporary or permanent modular catering facilities or any thoughts you may have regarding the provision of commercial foodservice facilities.

Peter Schad – Commercial Director

Peter has been with PKL for over 20 years, and is responsible for all of our installations at major games as well as PKL’s Transworld Kitchens division. Peter has overseen large scale temporary kitchen installations at the last four Olympic Games, the last Winter Olympics, the last three Commonwealth Games, and the last two Asian Games, as well as recent overseas projects for a number of mining camps in Africa and two containerised facilities which have just been delivered for clients in Australia.

Peter's expertise lies in the design and delivery of large scale kitchen and dining facilities around the world, delivering multiple temporary catering facilities to large sites, and rapid deployment kitchen facilities for military, mining and humanitarian relief areas. 

Karen Rumsey - Project Consultant 

Karen has been with PKL for nine years, and during this time has worked in both our temporary and permanent kitchen divisions. Karen has worked in our KitchenPods division for the last two years and has delivered a large number of permanent modular kitchens and food kiosks to the education, business & industry and healthcare sectors.

Working in PKL's permanent division has meant that Karen has built up a wealth of experience in designing permanent kitchen facilities and helping clients through the overall planning process if it is required to get a kitchen on site. A number of Karen's projects have included innovative exterior finishes, to match a client's branding or their own design, or to ensure that they blend in seamlessly on site with other existing buildings.

John Steward – Long Term Hire Sales Manager

John has been with PKL for over seven years and is our Long Term Sales Manager for the hire of temporary kitchens. John is vastly experienced in delivering both large and smaller scale projects ranging from single unit facilities to large scale kitchen and dining complexes which go on hire for a number of years, while has also previously worked in our Event Hire division.

John is specialised in providing solutions to the healthcare sector, in particular nursing homes undergoing refurbishments and large scale temporary complexes for food manufacturers who are looking to expand their production output. John’s work in the care home sector has led him to develop the “Care Home Kitchen,” a temporary kitchen facility ideal for nursing homes who are undergoing a kitchen refurbishment.

Ian Selwood - KitchenPod Sales Manager 

Ian has worked at PKL for more than 12 years and within the foodservice industry for even longer! During his time at PKL, Ian has worked in our Long Term Hire and KitchenFM divisions, and has been sales manager for our permanent modular KitchenPods and Food Cubes for the last two years.

Ian's long career working within the foodservice industry means that he is extremely knowledgeable in all matters regarding commercial catering equipment, and is an expert when it comes to designing a kitchen facility that exactly meets the needs of the client. Ian has also spent time working on developing a number of procurement options for our permanent kitchens including our recently introduced lease hire offer.

We looking forward to bringing you contributions from all of our team over the next 12 months, providing you information on a wide range of issues involved within the supply of commercial foodservice facilities. Keep on checking back here for updates, and our first guest post next week!

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