Thursday, 21 July 2011

PKL KitchenPods for Care Home Sector

PKL, the world’s largest supplier of temporary kitchens and catering equipment for hire, has launched its KitchenPods range into the residential care sector.

Originally developed for primary schools, PKL identified a market need in the residential care home sector for the KitchenPod application.  Available to buy or on a contract rental basis, KitchenPods come in a range of sizes and offer an ideal solution for any care home to maximise its revenue by converting an existing kitchen into additional bed space. Alternatively it can help homes that need to improve or refurbish any existing kitchen facilities by providing them with a complete, ready to order permanent kitchen building.  

Once ordered, the KitchenPod modular kitchen building can be delivered within 6 weeks and  despite being a permanent building, can be relocated, removed or easily extended as the needs of the care home change over time.

KitchenPods are available in a wide range of finishes, including an attractive wood cladding or a customised brick slip. PKL maintain the both the building and all catering equipment on an ongoing basis so that, in the unlikely event of a problem, there would be minimal disruption to the home while it was being fixed.

Watch a KitchenPod installation

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