Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Portable Kitchens – It’s What We Do!

PKL Group, (Portable Kitchens limited), are market leaders in the supply of portable kitchens for hire. The hire of portable kitchens has been at the very heart of our business for nearly 25 years, and since then we have developed a wide range of solutions to cater for a wide range of needs and end users, which are available to hire from just a few days, to a number of years.
We have a range of portable kitchens, large and small, ready to hire depending on your requirement.

Our field kitchen is the smallest in our range of portable kitchens and provides space for 2 members of staff to work comfortably. This kitchen can serve up to 500 meals per session and is popular for hire in care homes and smaller pubs and restaurants.

PKL Mini Kitchens provide space for 2-3 members of staff to work comfortably at one time and are capable of producing up to 1,000 meals per session. These kitchens are typically hired by nursing homes, small hotels, event caterers and smaller schools.

Magnum Kitchens are the largest stand-alone portable kitchen units in our range, and are capable of supplying over 1,000 meals in one session. Magnum kitchens provide space for up to 5 members of staff to work comfortably at once and are typically hired by hotels, prisons, the armed forces, large scale event caterers, large scale commercial / industrial caterers, education sector.

The Triton Kitchen is the most comprehensive in our range of portable kitchens, incorporating ware washing, preparation and food storage and production areas. Our Triton Kitchens allow for up to 10 staff to work together comfortably and can be used to produce over 2,000 meals in one session. Triton Kitchens are typically hire by the MOD, hospitals, large restaurants, large scale commercial / industrial caterers, high volume staff catering and the education sector.

PKL also supplies a range of preparation and ancillary units that can be linked to our Portable Kitchens including preparation kitchens, dishwash units cold and dry storage units.

Bespoke Facilities to Suit Your Needs

Our Portable Kitchens and preparation units can be linked together to produce a bespoke facility to suit your needs, whatever your size of catering requirement. 

To help provide a starting point, or to offer you a quick and effective solution, we have devised a range of Proven Packages, combinations of our units linked together to provide a number of different kitchen facilities, suitable for serving anywhere from 100 to 1000s of meals per session.

Our kitchens can be equipped from our range of extensive range of over 8,000 items of catering equipment.

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