Thursday, 9 May 2013

Customer Feedback Results FYE 2013

Firstly, thank you to all of our customers who have filled in customer feedback forms and sent them back to us. This has allowed us to monitor our performance over the last year, and will help us to improve our performance to you in the coming months.

During FYE13, we changed the way that we monitor and record our feedback results to incorporate the Net Promoter Score, an internationally recognised way of recording customer satisfaction levels that provides a figure which can be compared with other businesses and industries using the system. The change to our reporting method was undertaken in January 2013, and the analysis below covers those forms received between January and April 2013 using this new system. While it does not provide us with a full year’s results, it does give a useful snapshot on which to provide a comparison for next year’s scores and an assessment of how we've done so far this year.

Our customer feedback forms are split into five areas with a number of questions in each, and cover all aspects of our business and services.

PKL sales customer feedback score 96%Sales

Customers are asked to rate our performance over a number of areas, including how quickly we responded to their enquiries, how helpful and knowledgeable our staff were, whether we provided information in a clear and manageable way and whether our team continued to provide help throughout the sales process.

PKL qulaity feedback score of 96.9%Quality and Preparation of Units and/or Catering Equipment

Customers were asked questions surrounding the condition of temporary kitchens and/or catering equipment they had hired from PKL when it arrived, whether it was as described in our sales process and whether it was reliable during the period of their hire.

PKL delivery and installation feedback score of 96.7% Delivery and Installation

Respondents were asked to rate whether their delivery was on time, whether our drivers were helpful and knowledgeable and whether PKL complied with customers’ onsite health, safety and environmental protocol.

Operation and Training

Customers were asked to rate the quality of the operating hand books for catering equipment and temporary kitchens that were provided by PKL and how easy it was to follow the information contained within them.

PKL technical support feedback score of 96.1%Technical Support

If technical support was required during the hire period, our customers were asked to rate the level of service they received both within business operational hours, and from our 24 hours technical support service if they used the service out of normal working hours, the level of support and service received from our technical support team and whether we were able to fix their problem first time.

Net Promoter Score

PKL recorded a Net Promoter Score of 81 in FYE13In the analysis of NPS, a score of above zero is good and above 50 is excellent, while a score in minus figures would be of cause for concern. We are therefore delighted with an overall Net Promoter Score of 81 for the year, and in our overall feedback scores in each department which has given a satisfaction score of above 96% in each area of our business.

We will of course try to improve on these scores over the coming year and are continually looking at ways in which we are able to improve both our products and levels of service to you. We welcome your feedback at any time, either by emailing us at or phoning 0845 840 42 42.

Once again, thank you to everyone who has taken the time to fill out our customer feedback forms over the last year, and letting us know your thoughts and comments regarding the products and service that you have received from PKL. I will leave you finally with some of the comments that we have received from our customers over the last year.

Customer Quotes

"Have always used PKL as you provide exactly what I need when asked."

"A very helpful process for our client. Flexibility was a key part of this hire – Thank you."

"Excellent company in all aspects. Thank you for your support to our organisation."

"Particularly grateful for the professional and coordinated response from sales and finance together."

"Found PKL to be professional. They maintained contact throughout the agreement and were very helpful."

"Totally happy with service from start to finish. Machinery very reliable and customer services spot on. Many thanks for your service. Will not hesitate to use PKL again in the future if ever the situation arose."

"Consultant was Daniel Robinson – who was great."

"Great! Couldn’t believe how quick you were able to get it here."

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