Thursday, 10 September 2009

Rapid Response Portable Kitchens and Catering Equipment Used to Feed Army Troops

PKL supplied the MOD with commercial catering facilities, capable of supplying up to 35,000 military personnel in the Middle East.

The project was in response to an urgent kitchen enquiry and design and brief costs were supplied to the client within a matter of hours, while the first portable kitchen units were dispatched from the UK within 72 hours.

The facility comprised of seven military kitchens capable of feeding 5,000 men each. The complex was made up from Portable Kitchen units and commercial catering equipment and utilised PKL’s unique containerised canopy. This approach enabled the equipment and associated items to be mobilised ready for shipping very quickly.

The Portable Kitchens were transported by heavy-lift Antonov transport planes and installation of the first facility commenced within 12 hours of arrival.

This project best demonstrates PKL's unique rapid response capabilities previously exercised in Bosnia and Kosovo.

Within the UK we deal with emergency enquiries on a daily basis, and are able to supply Portable Kitchens and catering equipment for hire at very short notice. Typical emergencies we are asked to provide temporary catering facilities to cover include kitchen fires, kitchen flooding and unforeseen kitchen closure.

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