Friday, 23 January 2009

School Kitchen Solutions from PKL

PKL provide a wide range of solutions for the education sector with products ranging from complete school kitchen buildings to catering equipment. Over the next few weeks, our Blog will inform you of the range of kitchens for schools and catering equipment available from PKL.

Our products are specified for a wide range of requirements including a complete new kitchen, temporary kitchens for times of refurbishment and catering equipment for the education sector.

We have worked hand in hand with schools and local authorities over the last 20 years to provide a wide range of kitchen and catering solutions for schools, colleges and universities. Projects within the last year include:

Powys Council – 3 separate kitchens for schools
Croydon Council – 2 permanent modular school kitchens
Cardiff Council – Temporary and permanent facilities on 3 schools sites
High Storrs Comprehensive – Temporary Kitchen for BSF refurbishment

PKL are a Buying solutions accredited supplier, meaning local authorities and schools can procure products and benefit from cost savings leveraged from using a national government procurement organisation. This is turn helps local authorities meet spending targets set by the Government.

The use of Buying Solutions also means that users are fully compliant with UK and European procurement legislation.

For further information on procuring products and services through the Buying Solutions Frameworks, contact the Buying Solutions Service Desk on 0845 410 2222, or email

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